Mlp Design - Terms & Conditions

When using the services and products of Mlp Design, you agree to be legally bound by the following terms, whether instructing us by either email, telephone, in writing or face to face.
  1. In  these conditions (“these conditions”) unless the context requires otherwise:
     ‘Mlp Design’ or ‘Mlp’ means Nicholas RIgg t/a Mlp Design. Mlp Design's business office is: 2 Mount Street, Manchester, m2 5WQ.
  2. ‘The Client’ means the person, firm or company accepting a quotation from Mlp for the sale/supply of Content, or for            whose order for content is accepted by Mlp.
  3.  ‘Product’ or 'Plans' means the products and services which Mlp, whether acting directly or through a subcontractor is to       supply in accordance to these conditions and which are specified in any instructions, including but not limited to floor           plans, lease plans, any architectural services, brochures, photography and licensing plans.
  4.  All prices quoted are final, unless otherwise agreed by both Mlp and the client.
  5.  Exclusive price agreements are none contractual and are subject to change after 6 months.
  6.  If orders are cancelled in up to 3 working hours before an appointment, Mlp will charge a booking fee of £35.
  7.  Regular customers will be invoiced on the last working day of the month and payment must be received within the agreed    payment terms of 14 days. If payment is not received within this time, Mlp Design has the right to                               charge Interest at 2.5% under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. Clients will receive their                    invoice by email unless we are otherwise instructed by yourself.
  8.  Any instructions from private individuals shall be paid by card payment/cheque/bank transfer before any and all  products are released to the Client, without exception.  
  9.  No order for work submitted by the client shall be deemed to have been accepted by Mlp unless and until it has been           expressly confirmed by email to the Client specifically indicating acceptance (as opposed to receipt) of the Client’s order.     
  10.  Where Mlp visit a site, the client warrants that they hold the necessary permissions and authorisation to allow any                representative of Mlp (including sub-contractors) to access the property. The client also agrees to indemnify Mlp against    any fines, expenses, damages, claims and legal costs incurred where such authorisation was proven to be untrue.
  11.  All plans produced by Mlp are drawn in adherence to the RICS guidelines (6th Edition), but it is also the cliients                     responsibility to confirm the plans provided by Mlp are a reasonable representation of the property.
  12.  All lease plans, in draft form, will be emailed to the client for approval within 48 hours (unless otherwise agreed) of our        site visit; Once the client has approved the plan (and paid if a private client) the final copy will then be e-mailed to you. We  cannot post plans until they have been approved by the client, and If further changes are required once the approved      plans have been posted, Mlp reserve the right to charge for any extra work/time spent.
  13.  All requests for amendments or changes to a plan must be sent to and carried out by Mlp and not by any third party.           Mlp does not accept any responsibility or liability where amendments or changes to plans are made by a third party.
  14.  Where plans are produced and provided using supplied architect plans, clients sketches and photocopied plans, Mlp     accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the plans or square footage calculations made from the supplied material.
  15.  When a client provides Mlp with third part plans, Ordnance Survey Maps and any other such material, it is the Clients          responsibility to ensure they have obtained the required licenses, intellectual property rights and permissions to use said   material.
  16.  Mlp Design plans/licensing act plans are produced with the greatest of attention and in accordance with any local     Authority requirements. Mlp Design takes no responsibility for any customer lease/license applications should they be  rejected for whatever reason;
  17.  MLP is only responsible for the Energy efficiency recommendations supplied in any EPC report provided to the client, and    accepts no liability or responsibility for any other energy efficiency recommendations discussed between the client and      the energy assessor.
  18.  After a maximum of two minor revisions or one major revision of any lease plan, Mlp Design reserves the right to          charge for any further work that may be required at the behest of the client. These changes must take place within 30 days  of the initial plan being delivered.
  19.  Mlp Design shall exclusively own all copyright, trademarks, design rights and other intellectual property rights relating to  all products produced and provided by Mlp of any kind whatsoever whether registered or capable of registration             anywhere within the world, including ay products created by or in partnership with sub-contractors. A client may not             transfer/assign any Mlp products to any third party or another organisation without our expressed written consent. Mlp        reserve the right to charge up to 50% of the original fee for a copy plan requested by another agent/third party. Any             products provided by Mlp or its sub-contractors shall remain the absolute property of Mlp, and no rights in such                  property are granted to the client save for a non-exclusive contract granted to the client to use the product as per the          agreed initial contract between the client and Mlp.
  20.  Mlp Design aim to ensure the accuracy of all our plans, however measurements are approximate and our plans are for  illustrative purposes only (unless stated as scaled) and should be viewed with this in mind. Mlp Design will not be held  liable for any incorrect measurements/calculations.
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