Retail Zonal Plans (ITZA)
Mlp provide zoned floor plans and sq ft calculations, to help calculate the value and rates for a retail or commercial building.
Our plans follow the government's zoning requirements and methods and we provide an accurate scaled plan, clearly showing the zoned areas and the accompanying sq ft calculation for each zoned area. This can then be used to value a property, or challenge the existing business rates of the building.
Our commercial plans also give an accurate Net Internal Area (NIA) Sq Ft measurement, along with the overall Gross Internal Area (GIA).
Business rates are often found to be inaccurate, as the information the Local Authority holds about your business premises is often wrong and out of date.
This can be due to an inaccurate plan of the property, recent sub letting of an area of your property, changes to the property layout, an area of your property that is unable to be used (due to flooding etc).
You must also report any increase in your property to your local council to ensure you don't receive a backdated increase in your bill, which could be a hefty amount!
If you wish to challenge or confirm your business rates, you must make an application to the VOA (Valuation Office Agency) in England and Wales.
For this service, we charge an upfront standard fee for the plan and sq ft calculation. Any further fees incurred in submitting the application whether successful or not in reducing their rates is the clients responsibility.
Please see below for a brief explanation of zoning for retail properties:
Zoning is a standard way of measuring retail premises for valuation purposes. It recognises that the most valuable part of the retail premises is towards the front of the property, nearest the display window.
Zoning will not be appropriate for all shops. For example large department stores and supermarkets will not be zoned.
Your commercial premises is divided into a number of zones:

  • Each of these zones normally has a depth of 6.1 metres (20 feet)
  • The first zone, nearest the display window is zone A
  • The next 6.1 metre zone is Zone B and the next Zone C and so on
  • The zones will continue back from the front of the property until the entire depth of the retail area has been zoned
        anything after Zone D is defined as the remainder.
For more information on business rates calculations please visit the goverment and your local authority websites, or please contact Mlp  if you would like further advice about your property or a quote for your premises.