Land Transfer Plans & Boundary Disputes
With property and land prices increasing throughout the UK at such a high rate, land and boundary disputes have increased tenfold over recent years.
Whether you have a dispute over a certain plot of land, you require a land transfer plan as part of an agreement with a neighbour or you own property/land where the current title plan differs to the existing boundaries, we can help.
Mlp offer detailed Land Registry Compliant Title Plans, which show a detailed accurate layout of your property and your neighbouring properties boundaries. 
An accurate title plan is required when making applications to the Land Registry to change a boundary agreement or when purchasing land.

We also provide plans for planning applications, a recent example of this was a land owner wanted to use part of his field as a parking area. Mlp were tasked with drawing up the existing and proposed plans of the field, showing the new boundaries and parking area, while following the local councils guidelines for planning applications.

All local councils have different requirements with their planning application process. Mlp work closely with all of them to ensure our clients plans are drawn to the correct specification for their relevant local council, thus speeding up their application.
Land Transfer/Title Plan Example
Land Transfer/Title Plan Example
Land Transfer/Title Plan Example