HMO Plans
What is a HMO plan?
​​A HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) is defined by the 2004 Housing Act, in which a property is occupied by 3 or more tenants who are not living together as a family, who share basic amenities such as a bathroom, toilet or cooking facilities but have separate bedrooms.

A HMO plan is required for any property which adhere to the above criteria, it must be compliant with the Local Authority's guidelines, and will show room measurements, property amenities, communal areas and the location of fire safety equipment and emergencey exits amongst other details.

The types of properties that are likely to be HMO's include:

  • Shared flats and houses
  • Bedsits
  • Conversions with communal amenities
  • Hostels
  • Halls of residence for students or nurses
  • Boarding houses
  • Hotels or B & B's with permanent residents
  • Some supported accommodations, such as halfway houses and long term immigration centres
HMO plan example
Each Local Authority has different requirements for HMO Plans, and Mlp work closely with them to provide our clients with a fully compliant HMO plan for the relevant Local Authority.
A HMO plan should show the following details:

  • All external and internal walls, doors and windows
  • Stairwells, steps and lifts
  • Fixed cupboards, storage and work tops
  • Communal entrances/exits/parking
  • All shared kitchen and bathroom utilities
  • Communal areas, both internal and external
  • All fire exits and emergencey routes
  • All fire safety equipment and signs
  • Room names and measurements
  • Scale & scale bar
  • North point
  • Plan key
  • Floor name and entrance arrow