Fire Safety Plans
Fire Safety Plan Example
Fire Safety Plans are required by a wide range of employers and organisations, they are an invaluable safety measure to ensure a safe passage from a building in case of an emergency.

Fire Plans are often a legal requirement in publicly used buildings, and are often required in business premises as well as residential buildings.
From hotels to office buildings, student accommodation to large residential developments and industrial premises, Mlp fire safety plans provide the following information:
  • A clear passageway to all escape routes.
  • ​Clearly marked escape routes that are as short and direct as possible.
  • The location of all fire doors & alarms.
  • Location of all fire safety equipment.
  • Location of safe assembly points.
  • All stairwells, lifts and ramps
  • All communal areas (internal & external)
  • ​General floor plan information (doors, windows etc)

​We can also provide Fire Risk Assesment Plans, which are often used when planning the layout and fire safety aspects of a larger residential or commercial building.​
Please contact us  for a quote, as prices are based on the size, location and number of properties/rooms that require fire plans.

Our plans can be tailored to suit any building type or size, and can be supplied in both printed or electronic format.