Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Land Registry Compliant Lease Plan?
A Land Registry Compliant Lease Plan is a legal requirement when either a property or land is sold or let in the UK.  If you are unsure as to whether you require a plan, please give us a call or email us and we will contact you asap.
What is the difference between a Lease Plan and a Floor Plan?
A Floor Plan is generally used for marketing a property, where as a Lease Plan is a legal requirement and a more detailed plan of a property and the surrounding area, often accompanied with a Location Plan.
What areas do Mlp cover?
Mlp are based in Manchester, but cover the whole of the UK. We have also been known to measure abroad, having completed several jobs in Germany, France and Spain.
Can you provide plans from customer supplied sketches?
We can sometimes provide plans by drawing from customer supplied sketches and architect plans, especially if a site visit is difficult to organise. Please email your sketch and requirements and we will let you know if this is viable, more details of our Sketch Direct service can be found here.
What is your turnaround?
Mlp pride ourselves on an efficient service, and we aim to have all floor plans with the client within 24hrs of the initial site visit. This may not be possible for larger properties or some lease plans, but we aim that these plans will take no longer than 48hrs.
What file formats do we supply plans in?
We can supply our plans in a variaty of file types, these include: PDF, JPEG, DWG, DXF, PNG, BMP and EMF. Plans can also be sent in hard copy form if required and on a USB memory stick for larger projects.
Payment Terms:
We operate 14 day payment terms for all clients, and require all invoices to be settled either by BACS, card payment or cash/cheque within 14 days of the plans being sent to the client. Happy to discuss payment terms for existing clients.
*** All new, private and 3rd party clients will be required to make payment before we release the completed plans, again either by BACS, card payment or cash/cheque. ***
Are we Insured?
We have extensive Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Employers Liabilty cover in line with industry expectations.
Details can be made available upon request.

What are the company & contact address details

Nicholas Rigg t/a Mlp Design

​2 Mount Street
​M2 5WQ