CAD Drawing & Plan Conversion
Mlp provide various CAD drawing and architectural conversion services. 

When you want to save costs or a site visit is not possible, we can often draw from supplied paper or electronic plans.

As well as our main surveying & drawing services, we offer several different ways in providing you the plans you need.

We can convert other file types into AutoCAD plans, and we can convert AutoCAD plans and architects plans into marketing floor plans or Land Registry lease plans.

The CAD Services we offer include the following:

  • Paper plans converted to AutoCAD or other CAD files
  • Convert other electronic plans to AutoCAD files
  • Layer consolidation and editing of existing CAD files
  • Architectural plans converted to floor plans or lease plans
  • 2D/3D floor plans created from supplied architects plans
  • Area measurement from supplied plans
  • Elevations from supplied floor plans and architects plans (certain level of details on plans required)
  • AutoCAD plan upgrading (plans can be edited to any AutoCAD release from R14 to present release)
  • Paper plans converted to marketing floor plans
  • Paper plans converted to Land Registry lease plans and title plans

Sketch Back 
We can provide floor plans from clients own sketches.

This is often needed when a site visit is not possible or the client has an up to date set of their own plans and want to save costs.

We can provide 2D or even 3D floor plans from your own sketches, and we will send you a guide to show what details are required on your sketches and how to draw them.

This service has also proved popular when providing marketing floor plans for holiday villas and properties abroad.

The main reasons people use this service are as follows:

  • A site visit is not possible or the tenant is refusing access
  • Holiday hom e or property is located abroad
  • Legal dispute
  • Cost saving
  • Property is located away from home
  • Exisiting accurate sketches/plans to work from

Please get in touch if you require further details on this service or if you have any questions regarding any of our CAD services.